Thursday, February 4, 2010

Update from Crisis Response Team

Please find below an update from our crisis response team on some emerging and worsening human rights crisis situations. Hopefully this is helpful for those involved in this area or who may get questions about our current work.


The IS released a statement which has been put up on our site (

Contact has been made with the crisis response coordinators/contacts in AI UK, AI USA, AI NZ and AI NL and there are no plans to do more at this stage.

However, there was some good news from AI USA about the granting of temporary protected status to Haitians in the US. You can read about this and also some other information about situation in Haiti here:


The situation in Iran continues to be volatile and there is a steady stream of communications (urgent actions, media statements, updates) from the Iran Team at the IS.

It is also expected that there will be a new wave of demonstrations around the 40th day of mourning after the deaths of the Ashoura protesters (these protests occurred on 27/28 Dec 2009) - so this day falls in first weeks of February 2010.


It is expected that elections will take place in Burma sometime in 2010. For that reason, the crisis response team will be closely monitoring the siutation there.

It is expected that the IS will release a report on the persecution of ethnic minorities in Burma in February from Bangkok. The IS will also be preparing a statement outlining our position on the elections. At the end of last year discussions also began with Asia Pacific Sections and the IS Campaigner for Burma about campaigning activities in relation to the elections this year.

Also, as you would have seen from our 'In the News' daily emails Aung San Suu Kyi's appeal against her house arrest is currently being heard. It is expected this will last about a week.

Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan presidential elections were held on 26 January.

Our statement and 10 point human rights agenda is available here:

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