Friday, May 29, 2009

Speakers Network Meeting

The meeting of the Speakers Network has been rescheduled for 17 June, 6-7:30pm. The meeting will review the operation of the network and resume its function. If you are interested in getting involved or you have ideas to share please feel free to join us for the meeting. Please RSVP by emailing

When: Wednesday June 17 2009 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Where: NSW Action Centre, Level 1, 79 Myrtle St, Chippendale, NSW

Monday, May 25, 2009

Face to Face Fundraising Locations Week Starting 25/5

Monday: Sydney CBD (George St), Orange

Tuesday: Sydney CBD (George St/ Liverpool St), Orange

Wednesday: Sydney CBD (Wynyard), Burwood, Bathurst

Thursday: Chatswood, Bathurst

Friday: Bondi Junction, Surry Hills, Lithgow

Saturday: Newtown, Lithgow

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Global Day of Action for Comfort Women

From the Surry Hills Festival

During World War II up to 200,000 women were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military, in one of the biggest cases of human trafficking. 64 years later, the Japanese government will has not adequately apologised, and former "comfort women" are still waiting for justice.

Governments around the world have called on the Government of Japan to apologise, accept full responsibility and adequately compensate former "comfort women" before it's too late. This includes the USA, Netherlands, Canada, the European Parliament, UK, Taiwan and South Korea, as well as three city councils within Japan (Takarazuka, Kiyose, Sapporo).

Now, it's time for Australian to do the same. Amnesty International Australia stands in solidarity with these women, and are calling upon the Australian Government, on their behalf, to pass a motion calling on the Japanese Government to apologise and compensate former "comfort women" by the end of 2009.

AIA National Director will meet with Ministers and backbenchers to gain their support for a motion, and find a champion to put the motion forward. Activists and supporters need to demonstrate to their MPs that the Australian community wants them to support this motion. Amnesty International has produces butterfly cards for members of the public to sign and demonstrate their support.

Between the Global Day of Action for Comfort Women (15 August) to the end of the year, we are aiming to have a motion put forward in the Senate. All the butterflies will be gathered and presented to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

For more information contact your convenors and Commuity Campaigner.

UNSW Forum: Does Australia Need a Human Rights Act

Amnesty International UNSW will be hosting an open community forum on the National Human Rights Consultation.

We have gathered an exciting group of speakers to discuss the state of human rights in Australia -- from the experience of refugees and asylum seekers, to the effects of the anti-terrorism laws. This promises to be a lively discussion canvassing all the arguments surrounding whether Australia needs a Human Rights Act.

A moderated panel featuring:

  • Malcom Fraser (former Prime Minister of Australia)
  • Stephen Keim (Barrister for Dr Mohamed Haneef)
  • Keith Mason (Former President of the NSW Court of Appeal)
  • Andrew Lynch (Director of the Gilbert+Tobin Centre of Public Law)
  • Edward Santow (Director of the Charter of Human Rights Project at the Gilbert+Tobin Centre of Public Law, UNSW)

For more information check out the UNSW website:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Face to Face Fundraising Locations Week Starting 18/05

Monday: Marrickville, Grafton, Lismore (Lismore Shopping Square)

Tuesday: Sydney CBD (Barrack St/ Wynyard St), Grafton, Lismore (Lismore Shopping Square)

Wednesday: Bondi Beach, Maclean, Lismore (Lismore Shopping Square)

Thursday: St Leonards, Casino, Lismore (Lismore Shopping Square)

Friday: Hornsby, Lismore (Lismore Shopping Square)

Saturday: Lismore (Lismore Shopping Square)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Demand Dignity NSW Launch

Come and join us to celebrate the global launch of Amnesty International's new campaign Demand Dignity on the 28th May. Over the next six years, Amnesty International will be working in partnership with those living in poverty to end the human rights abuses that drive and deepen poverty across the world.

Come along to learn more about the campaign from key speakers (including Sarah Marland, the Campaign Co-ordinator of the Demand Dignity Campaign), learn how to get involved and enjoy some Cambodian cuisine.

Date: 28th May
Time: 6-7:30pm
Location: Amnesty International Australia, NSW Action Centre
Level 1, 79 Myrtle St, Chippendale
RSVP by 22nd May
Call: 02 8396 7670

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Youth Advisory Group & Student Conference 2009

The Youth Advisory Group – what is it and what will it do?

AIA’s Youth Advisory Group will be a group of 14 young Amnesty International activists between the ages of 18 and 24 who work with us to share ideas, help us to come upwith great activism elements for our key campaigns, work on specific projects and participate in discussions that will help to guide Amnesty International Australia’s work. Amnesty International Australia is currently undertaking a review of its democratic structures as part of a Strengthening Democracy project, and wants to ensure that young activists can participate in this important piece of work. This will be one of the key projects for the group this year (but there'll be lots of other stuff too).

How do I apply?

Recruitment for the advisory group will be done by application process (so, unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that all applications will be successful). A selection panel made up of regional and national staff and activists will select the successful applicants.

Deadline: 4th June 2009

For more information, and a copy of the selection criteria and application form, e-mail Ruby Johnson at

Student Conference 2009

This year's student conference will be held in September, 2009. If you're interested in participating please email for more information.

School Action Pack

The next School Action Pack will be available and mailed out to NSW School groups in June.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Refugee Network Meeting

When: Wednesday 20 May 2009 6:30pm

Where: NSW Action Centre, Level 1/79 Myrtle Street, Chippendale, NSW, 2008


As always, everyone is welcome. Come along and take part in Amnesty's 2009 Refugee Campaign.

Face to Face Fundraising Locations Week Starting 09/05

Monday: Paddington, Nowra, Stockland Nowra

Tuesday: Sydney CBD (Macquarie St), Nowra, Stockland Nowra

Wednesday: Parramatta, Nowra, Stockland Nowra

Thursday: Balmain, Nowra, Stockland Nowra

Friday: Chatswood, Nowra, Stockland Nowra

Saturday: Nowra, Stockland Nowra

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Face to Face Fundraising Locations Week Starting 09/05

Monday: Toukley, Lake Haven Shopping Centre, Newcastle (Darby Pde.), CBD (Park St.)

Tuesday: The Entrance, Lake Haven Shopping Centre, Newcastle (Darby Pde.), Potts Point

Wednesday: Wyong, Newcastle (The Junction), Avalon (stay away from the Real Estate Agent)

Thursday: Gosford, Lake Haven Shopping Centre, Newcastle (The Junction), Newtown (not on Missenden Rd. near the hospital)

Friday: Woy Woy, Lake Haven Shopping Centre, Hamilton (Beaumont St.), Milson's Point

Saturday: Gosford, Lake Haven Shopping Centre, Hamilton (Beaumont St.)

NSW Region - staffing update

As of the 6th of May, until the end of the year, Ruby Johnson will be the Acting Community Campaigner in NSW - which is great news! Deb Taylor will be doing four days per week until the new part-time Volunteer and Resources Coordinator starts to help us keep things running smoothly.

On 7 May, a new Volunteer and Resources Coordinator, Holly Fingland, will start 2 days a week (Thurs, Fri) in a job share with Deb. Holly is a volunteer in the Refugee Caseworker team, has coordinated volunteers for an NGO in Africa and is currently completing a Masters in Human Rights. It is great that she is joining us and can start so quickly.

These changes mean that we need to recruit a new Community Campaign Assistant for this period - recruitment is currently underway.

Registering your Action Group to work for an individual at risk

Dear friends

A form is now available to complete if your group would like to work for an individual at risk.

It explains the background to the Group Casefile activism technique as well as what you need to by when.

In a nutshell, this is what it is:

Group Casefile: Registration of Interest Form
Individuals at Risk Program 2009/2010

Who: INTERNAL DOCUMENT for Amnesty International Australia action groups.
What: to register your group’s interest in campaigning for an individual at risk case.
When: your group will campaign from July 2009 to June 2010.
Why: to strategically campaign for a case as part of the Australian section of Amnesty International.
How: send back the attached completed form (all 9 pages) by Friday 26 June 2009 to the Individuals at Risk Program. Contact details at the end of the form.

The form was sent with the latest community campaigner update - and is also available by emailing


NSW Branch Annual General Meeting

Sunday May 17 2009 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Steelers Club, Corner Burelli and Harbour streets, Wollongong, NSW
14th May 2009
Helen Juillerat

Our members and supporters are invited to the 2009 NSW Branch Annual General Meeting (BAGM).

When it comes to the promotion and protection of human rights, it is people and their passion that create change. At the BAGM you will have the chance to share ideas and experiences with other people working to defend human rights and human dignity.

You will learn more about Amnesty International, get feedback on what’s happened in the past year, as well as information about what’s in store nationally and internationally.

The Branch Committee and delegates to the National Annual General Meeting are also elected at the meeting.

As a democratic movement, communication and consultation with our supporters is really important. This year we are engaging with our supporters around strengthening our democracy - there will be a discussion around this important engagement at BAGMs around the country. We would love to see you there!

Please find details of the date and venue, an agenda and register to attend in the NSW Notice of Branch Annual General Meeting (pdf 532KB) which also contains a full meeting agenda for the day.

RSVP to Helen Juillerat at by 14 May.


Australia must act on forced evictions in Cambodia

Send an email NOW

Or fax a hand written message:

"Dear Governor Kep Chuktema , I call on the Cambodian authorities to end the forced eviction of Group 78" + name, city, country, signature
(or something to that effect)

Fax number: +855 23 725626 or if that doesn't work to:
Hor Namhong, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
fax: +0011 855 23 216 144/141
Mark the messages with "Urgent attention of the Governor of Phnom Penh".

Please keep faxing through letters until we hear that the forced eviction has taken place.