Friday, February 19, 2010

Prisoner of conscience Igor Koktysh released

Individuals at Risk Update:

On the 2nd of February, Belarusian musician and activist Igor Koktysh was released from the pre-trial detention centre in Ukraine where he has been held for two and a half years. He has greatly thanked Amnesty International for its support.

Igor is currently applying for refugee status in Ukraine. If you would like to read more about Igor's thanks to Amnesty International, visit the Individuals at Risk page on the website.

Our work really does change the lives of individuals. The outcome of Amnesty's work to protect and campaign for Human Rights is often not achieved months or years down the track. But when we do hear that someone detained was released, someone missing was found and someone in imminent danger is safe no matter how long it took, relief and fulfillment permeates throughout the people who helped Amnesty International make a difference.

Please visit Individuals at Risk landing page on the Amnesty International website to access case updates, feature articles and other relevant information.

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