Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 Events - A snapshot of the first few months...

We are only two months in to 2010 and already it has been a very busy and exciting year for Amnesty NSW with a number of events successfully run and many new people hearing about the work we do to promote human rights. This is by no means an exhaustive list of what is going on, but we found a few photos lying around and thought we would give you a bit of a snapshot:

Big Day Out

Every year in January music fans flock to capital cities Australia-wide for one of Australia’s biggest music festivals: The Big Day Out. On Friday 22nd and 23rd January - two of the hottest Sydney days we can remember – a dedicated team from Amnesty held an information and action stall calling Shell to clean up its operations in the Niger Delta as part of our Demand Dignity campaign. The day was a great success with hundreds of people signing our petition and many more finding out about the work that we are doing! Thanks must go to our fantastic outreach team that braved the weather and collected so many signatures.

'Free Iran Project' Vigil

Amnesty NSW had the privilege in February of supporting the Free Iran Project in a candlelight vigil at Martin Place. The vigil was organised to commemorate the lives lost in the recent Iranian uprising and show our solidarity with the people of Iran in their struggle for democracy. Many thanks go to Ken from the Demand Dignity Action Group for showing our support at this event and providing us with the photos.

Walk against Racism

On February 13th, the second anniversary of the Federal Government’s apology to Indigenous Australians, groups from Amnesty NSW marched in the ‘Walk Against Racism’ organised by the Stop the Intervention Collective (STIC). Marching through Sydney, the day was completed with a rally at the Block in Redfern. It was great to see so many people turn out. Again, thanks must go to Ken from the Demand Dignity group for the photos and his fantastic marching!

Marrickville Markets

Many of our action groups do amazing Amnesty work in their community by organising stalls at various events. Last weekend, our Demand Dignity Action Group held a stall at Marrickville Markets encouraging people to sign both our Shell and Guantanomo Bay petitions. We received great feedback from the stall and got a great response from the community, filling up sheets of petition forms! Thanks to Ken and the rest of the Demand Dignity group for their great effort throughout the day!

Keep sending us feedback from your events!

We love hearing about the great successes that our Amnesty activits are having around the community. If you have any stories or photos that you'd like to send in we'd love to hear from you!

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