Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting Kevin Rudd to commit to giving a Human Rights Act :)

The Human Rights Act team has been working overtime to develop a strategy to get a clear get the message to Kevin Rudd that we really, really, really want a Human Rights Act.

To kick this off online we need the help of all of you!

If you have a Facebook and/or Twitter profile then I am sure they are both already open in your browser. So, it will only take a few minutes to:
1) change your profile picture/avatar
2) get your friends behind it!

If all of you get behind the action today it'll give it a really strong push and truly make a difference, exposing the action to thousands of people quickly!

For the facebook savvy head straight to the note on facebook:

For the tweeps out there check out @AmnestyOz and simply retweet the HRA tweets.

If all this talk of notes, avatars and tweeps is making your head spin then check out the full step by step instructions on what to do at

As the online team put it: 'In general, more buzz = more good.' So please take the time to do this.

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