Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Refugee campaign

As part of the Amnesty International Refugee and Asylum Seeker Campaign, we are encouraging Australians to have 10 Conversations about asylum seekers. This is a strategy to get Australians to ‘think again’ about asylum seekers in order to facilitate genuine attitudinal change within the community and in broader Australia. Activists will be armed with facts and personal stories from asylum seekers to stimulate wide, informed discussion on the refugee debate in Australia. The idea is that peopel can draw on the relationshiops of influence they have within their peronal spheres and ask these people to think again about asylum seeksrs and use this as a way to change the debate more broadly.

Amnesty International will be running training sessions throughout the year with our various action groups as well as with members of the general public. These training sessions will teach you about the broader campaign, why the conversation startegy is so important in creating a movement of change and weverything you need to know about have a conversation about asylum seekers. Tentative date for the next training session is 7th February.

If you are interested in attending a training session (First one is on the 19th of Jan at teh NSW Action Centre) please email: nswccintern@amnesty.org.au to register your intests.

We will be holding general infomation sessions as well as train the trainer sessions so people can roll out the training again within their communities.

Check out the website http://www.rethinkrefugees.com.au/ for more info about the issue & the campaign!

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