Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Amnesty International NSW Catch Up

NSW Action Group Catch-Up

When: Monday 21st February 2011 from 6 - 7.30pm. Where: Amnesty International Action Centre, Level 1, 79 Myrtle St, Chippendale

RSVP (please mention if you are going to attend in person or ring in), enquiries and to arrange assistance for transport and accommodation: nswccintern@amnesty.org.au or on 8396 7665

If you are unable to attend in person but are keen to ring in: (Ph.) 96960695, (PIN) 336849# Amnesty International NSW is holding its first NSW Action Group Catch-Up of 2011. The Catch-Up will be a great opportunity to:

- Meet and engage with other NSW groups, convenors and members of AI NSW. - Receive updates on the Refugee campaign and our new campaign around AI's 50th Anniversary - Review and receive updates on AIA's consultation and planning policies - Go over problems arising for action groups, especially on retention and mobilisation of members - Run through the new campaign and events - Provide us with valuable feedback about your group activities, experiences and concerns. While AI wants to engage with as many Action Groups as possible, we understand that it may be difficult (both in terms of time and money) to travel to Sydney to attend the Catch-Up. AI NSW is able to pay for Catch-Up transport for Action Groups outside the Sydney area or assist those who would like to ring in over the phone to take part in the meeting.

Please contact us ASAP to organise these things. Light food and drinks will be provided. Looking forward to catching up at the meeting!

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