Thursday, January 13, 2011

Inspirational Stories for AI@50 and Upcoming Events

As part of planning for AI@50, the media team is looking to start collecting stories from yourselves, activists and campaigners who have inspirational personal stories which could possibly be used for media opportunities.
This could include:

  • Inspirational stories from communities
  • Challenging and changing community perceptions in relation to human rights issues
  • Human rights wins
  • Quirky and colourful stories of hobbies and off-beat accounts of what individuals get up to when they're not out and about defending human rights
  • Stories from individuals who have suffered and overcome human rights abuses
  • People who have been directly affected by the work of Amnesty International

If everyone could start thinking about ideas and possibilities for the above, that would be fantastic. Feel free to email through any suggestions or stories as you can come across them. We are trying to build up a bit of content that we can draw from as we look to promote AI@50.

Also, it would be fantastic if you could email information on upcoming events. We are starting to put together a key dates calendar for 2011 so we can better work with you on local media opportunities, so if you could continue to send on dates (tentative or confirmed), that would be fantastic.

Send emails to:
Ruby Johnson
NSW Community Campaigner

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