Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Human rights and poverty course

We have a new course for (4) activists who are interested in the Demand Dignity Campaign and wish to take on a leadership role online or within a group.

You'll need to be prepared to commit to around 3 hours a fortnight in reading, thinking and online discussion about human rights and poverty and to share your understanding online, through blogs and other social networks.

Participants will have an opportunity to connect with other Demand Dignity activists across Australia and build a support network to share ideas and support each other through the campaign. As this course is entirely online, participants will need to have access to a reliable Internet connection either at home, or within their local AIA Action centre.

Course content:

  • Defining poverty: a multidimensional view
  • Human rights framework in addressing poverty
  • Millennium Development Goals and AIA
  • AIA’s approach to bringing about changes in policy, law and practice
  • Maternal mortality
  • Slums
  • Corporate Accountability
  • Online campaigning essentials
  • Activist campaigning leadership and facilitation.

If you are interested, please contact Ruby Johnson, Acting Community Campaign Activist, for more details.

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