Friday, June 19, 2009

Amnesty lodges Human Rights Act Submissions

Amnesty International Australia formally lodged its human rights act submission to committee member, Mary Kostakidis. Amnesty also submitted the human rights act submissions it has been collecting submissions for the consultation for over a year now, resulting in over 10,000 submissions being handed over. National Branch President Nicole Bieske formally handed over the submissions to Ms Kostakidis on June 13th, with final online submissions closing on June 15th at 5pm. Amnesty International Australia’s submissions made up a third of the overall submissions, indicating the overwhelming response from Amnesty’s members and supporters across the country in regards to the importance of a human rights act.

The next steps in the Human Rights Act journey involving the committee are the public hearing that will be in Canberra from July 1st-3rd as well as the ongoing online consultation that closes on June 26th.

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