Thursday, June 25, 2009

'The silent scream of Iran’ candlelight vigil at Sydney Town Hall

Following Iranian election and the declaration of success from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, there has been widespread unrest amongst the Iranian population. Protests have been held across the capital of Tehran under the constant threat of violence and oppression from the Iranian authorities. Reports indicate that the authorities have arrested over a 100 protesters.

Amnesty International calls on the Iranian authorities to allow peaceful demonstrations, to exercise restraint in the policing of any further demonstrations, to stop using the Basij militia to police protests, and to ensure that firearms are not used except as a last resort and where strictly unavoidable in order to protect life. Take action online to make your voice heard.

On Sunday 28th June, the Iranian community Sydney is holding a candlelight vigil on Town Hall steps gathering at 4:30pm to remember those that have died fighting for freedom in Iran. Join Amnesty International activists to provide support and show your solidarity for the Iranian’s rights to freedom of expression, assembly and association. More information is available at

Additionally, Amnesty International Australia will mark the plight of those in Iran on June 26th, collecting petitions and creating awareness.

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