Monday, September 27, 2010

NSW Local Media Coverage August/September 2010

Canterbury-Bankstown Express, 10 August 2010, General News, Page 9
“Accomplishments score selection World leaders will listen”
Article about UN youth ambassador from Bankstown - Samah Hadid – who is a member of Amnesty International's cultural diversity steering committee.

Illawarra Mercury, 14 August 2010, General News, Page 19
“Aust fears Burma poll won’t be fair”
Amnesty Quoted: Amnesty international says the regime has prevented more than 2000 political prisoners - including highprofile activist Aung San Suu Kyi - from contesting the election

Illawarra Mercury, 18 August 2010, General News, Page 17
“Couple stoned to death by Taliban”
Amnesty International Quoted - Amnesty International called the stoning a "heinous crime" that showed the Taliban and other insurgent groups "are growing increasingly brutal in their abuses against Afghans

Illawarra Mercury, 18 August 2010, Letters, Page 21
“Refugees have right to asylum” - Virginie Schmelitschek, Corrimal.
Amnesty International is referenced: “Amnesty says millions of people around the world have no choice but to flee their homeland, to escape persecution and conflict”.

Manly Daily, found online 19 August 2010
“Fresh start for the mother of all fun runs, the Pub2Pub”
Article on Pub2Pub runners mother and son Caroline and Gus Wong who were running for Amnesty International.

Illawarra Mercury, 21 August 2010, General News, Page 33
“Judge wants attacker paralysed”
Amnesty International quoted - expressing concerns over the
reports and said it was contacting Saudi authorities for details

Koori Mail, 8 September 2010, News Article
“Government Must Step Up on Human Rights, says Amnesty”
AMNESTY International has urged the Gillard Government to explicitly reiterate Australia's commitment to human rights, including those of Indigenous peoples.”

Hills Shire Times, 10 Sept 2010, News Article
“Hills Grammar lend hand for Human Rights”
Hills Grammar Amnesty International interest group and Rogan House captains completed their term’s work by presenting a cheque for $1132 to Amnesty International representatives Ingrid Giskes and Mia Ludlum for the refugee campaign.

ABC Online, September 2010, Online Event Story
“Amnesty International Refugee Discussion Panel”
Amnesty International Australia will be holding a panel discussion to counter the myths surrounding the issue of asylum seekers coming to Australia to provide the opportunity for an informed and factual discussion on the topic

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