Thursday, September 16, 2010

Local Group Media 2010

If your group has anything that could possibly be newsworthy coming up, please let me know about it and I can help write a press release and organise local media coverage. I will do my best to look out for any upcoming events or newsworthy stories for your group, but as I am only in the office once a week it is easy for me to miss things or find out about them too late to secure any coverage.We also have an additional media volunteer, Lexy, starting in the next few weeks so hopefully, between the two of us, we can raise the profile of Amnesty in local NSW media as much as possible.

The most notable newsworthy story could be an upcoming event your group is holding. However, we can also be a bit more creative and think of anything else that could possibly be a good story for a newspaper. Some examples are:

- A birthday milestone for your group (celebrating 5/10 years etc)
- A current human rights abuse/prisoner of conscience that is making national or global news at the moment, that your group is campaigning for in your local area
- A character-based story on a long-standing member of your group
- Any success stories – e.g. lots of money raised at an event, the release of prisoner of conscience that your group has been campaigning for, recent rise in group members etc
- Profile on new local group member – why they decided to join the fight for human rights

It doesn’t have to be a major story – anything that shows community involvement in a cause and is something that local community members would enjoy reading about is an appealing story for local papers. We may not always get the story in the paper but it is always worth a try!

Any ideas for a story are welcome! My aim is to get as much local media coverage of the local action groups as possible for the rest of 2010.

You can email me at, or phone me on 0422 599 871 if you ever want to contact me for media support.

Emma Dawson
NSW Regional Media Support - Wednesdays
Amnesty International Australia
Level 1, 79 Myrtle St
Chippendale, NSW 2008
T +61 2 8396 7670

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