Thursday, January 14, 2010

Indigenous Rights - Yabun Festival

Victoria Park, Broadway, Sydney
Tuesday 26th January 2010

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Survival, Advancing their Human Rights
by taking positive action in 2010

This event provides Amnesty members an opportunity to celebrate the culture and history of the Indigenous Peoples of Australia. You are invited to join with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to reflect on their continuing connection to their traditional lands for over 50,000 years and to acknowledge their survival through the process of colonisation in the last 222 years.

Amnesty members will gain a greater awareness and appreciation of the issues facing Indigenous peoples in Australia today and play your part in providing recognition of their rights as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to their lands, water, culture and history by being actively engaged in a process of change within Australian society.
Amnesty International Australia are honoured to be sponsoring the “Speaking Out Tent” at this years festival which is a major yearly attraction at Yabun. You are invited to attend the programme of events;

To view the full Yabun Festival Program please visit the Gadigal website at

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