Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Amnesty at Mardi Gras 2010

The Mardi Gras Parade will be held this year on Saturday February 27. Our Network has been planning for Mardi Gras since late last year, and this year, in line with the overall Parade theme of " Mardi Gras' History of the World ," the focus of our float is "Make Abuse History". The float will focus on what we can do as individuals and as an organization to make this a reality.

If you would like to register for our float in the Parade registrations are now open; please email Ushan ( ) and he will lead you through the process. Registration is $30 and $20 concession which includes an Amnesty TShirt to wear in the Parade. I encourage you to register as early as possible as New Mardi Gras have capped our numbers to 200 marchers this year and last year we had around 210 marchers; register early to avoid missing out! We welcome *all* people who support the ideals of our Network, i.e. to fight to end the persecution of LGBTQI people on the basis of their sexuality or gender, to join us, so invite all your friends, next door neighbours, mothers, fathers, partners, exes, and work colleagues to register: the more the merrier.

Also, keep the below important dates free:
Sunday February 21. Fair Day. As usual we will be running a stall there. Please come along and visit us and if you'd like to volunteer to help us out on the day by interesting people in signing our petitions or taking Mardi Gras Parade registrations please let me know by return email what times you could help out. We are looking for volunteers to be on the stall between 10am and 6pm. If you could do a 2 hour shift that would be preferred, but any amount of time you can offer is welcome.
Tuesday February 23. Pre-Mardi Gras Party. We will hold this at the AI NSW Action (Level 1, 79 Myrtle St Chippendale) Centre where we hold our regular meetings from 6.30pm-8.30pm. This night will be a chance to meet other Parade participants and relive the fun we had at last year's Parade.

If you have any questions at all about the above please reply by return email to , except for registration requests which are to be emailed to Ushan at
NOTE: We welcome early registration but if for some reason you are unable to do this you will be able to register right up to and including the day of the Parade.

Greg Murrie for Amnesty International NSW LGBTQI Network

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