Monday, November 23, 2009

Pick up the phone, call for a Human Rights Act

Hey Campaigners :

As you read this, key decision makers are meeting to formulate the Federal Government's response to the Committee’s report. The government is expected to announce a response to the report before the end of the year, and it may or may not include a commitment to a Human Rights Act. This means that right now is the critical time to remind our politicians about the strong calls from across Australia for a Human Rights Act, and to let them know that we expect them to adopt the report's recommendations.

Now is the time to turn the recommendations into action.

Please take a few minutes to call on the Government to give us a Human Rights Act for Australia. One small action will make a significant difference to the protection of human rights in this country now and for generations to come.

Make a quick phone call to tell the Government directly that you want them to give us a Human Rights Act for Australia:

If you have some extra time, please tweet ‘Calling on @KevinRuddPM to #ActOnIt and give us a Human Rights Act for Australia:' or update your Facebook status with a link to the action (


Jenny Leong
Campaign Coordinator

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