Monday, November 23, 2009

16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence

Many Voices: One Message:

Stop Violence Against Women in PNG

In our nearest geographical neighbour, Papa New Guinea (PNG), women urgently need the Government to start taking action against domestic and gender violence.

Recent interviews conducted by Amnesty International in PNG revealed that two thirds of women had experienced domestic violence, 1 of every 6 women interviewed needed treatment for injuries caused by their husbands in urban areas, and 60 per cent of men have admitted to being involved in at least one gang rape.

Women are often perceived as a commodity in PNG. Gender inequality and discrimination is supported by customs including polygamy and bride price, strengthening the idea that men own their wives. Most perpetrators, therefore, are never arrested; those who are arrested usually don’t make it to court and those who make it to court are rarely sentenced. At the same time, there aren’t sufficient provisions of services for women who have experience domestic violence, such as safe houses.

Together we can pressure the Government of PNG to take action to combat and prevent violence against women.

As part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence, we encourage people to join our campaign on Stop Violence against Women in PNG!

Amnesty International is calling on the Government of PNG to formally dedicate financial and other support to protective initiatives to women feeling violence and introducing and enforcing domestic violence legislation and announcing

As part of our campaign materials there is an Activist toolkit full of information about PNG, the problems women are facing and the actions we could to take to ensure that the Government of PNG make a formal commitment to combat violence against women.

Ask for an Activist Toolkit. Take action. And let us know if you need any support!

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