Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Legislation guide

Laws relating to posters and chalking in Australia
Legislation guide

Graffiti Control Bill 2008 à http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/prod/parlment/nswbills.nsf/0/23167b35028c812fca2574f20018df77/$FILE/b2008-111-d10-House.pdf


(1) In this Act: graffiti implement means any of the following:
(a) spray paint,
(b) a marker pen,
(c) any implement designed or modified to produce a mark that is not readily removable by wiping or by use of water or detergent.

Damaging or defacing property by means of graffiti implement

A person must not, without reasonable excuse (proof of which lies on the person), intentionally damage or deface any premises or other property by means of any graffiti implement.

Maximum penalty: 20 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months

Posting bills and other marking offences

A person must not:
(a) affix a placard or paper on any premises, or
(b) intentionally mark, by means of chalk, paint or other material, any premises, so that the placard, paper or marking is within view from a public place, unless the person first obtained the consent, if the premises are occupied, of the occupier or person in charge of the premises or if the premises are unoccupied, of the owner or person in charge of the premises.
Maximum penalty: 4 penalty units.

NSW is very clear on writing in chalk: it is an offence covered under the Graffiti Control Bill 2008. This Bill also determines that it is an offence to put up a placard and or paper without permission

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