Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Than 2500 Butterfies IN NSW for Comfort Women Campaign

The past two weeks have seen the culmination of our ‘comfort women’ campaign (part of the Stop Violence Against Women Campaign)

See below for some of the great things that have taken place:

* AIA supported 'Friends of Comfort Women Australia' in coordinating the visit of 81-year-old ‘comfort woman’ survivor Gil Won Ok, from Korea, to Canberra.
* Sky writing of a butterfly and the words "Japan say sorry" written above Parliament House.
* An estimated 6,000 butterfly cards were delivered to the Prime Minister’s Office – while nearly 11,500 virtual butterflies have fluttered off to the PM’s inbox.

With 20,000 people calling on the Australian Government to take action, let’s hope Rudd and his government listens!

Thank you to everyone who has worked on this campaign over the last few months. In total NSW collected a total of 2,519 butterflies, far exceeding our original target of 1,200. We could not have done it without you!

There were also over 20 events spreading wide across the NSW region from Armidale to Springwood to Avalon. Not to mention the many groups which sent letters to their local MPs following their events or stals.


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