Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Demand Dignity Campaign reports

Since the launching of the global campaign on human right and poverty (28th of May), different actions have taken place and a number of Amnesty International reports have been released.
See below for a quick overview on the main campaign issues:

New Report on the Maternal mortality issue: Unequal access to health services costs poor and indigenous women’s lives in Peru.
Concluded the 10th of July, the report “Fatal Flaws: Barriers to Maternal Health in Peru” explores the high levels of maternal mortality amongst poor and Indigenous women in rural Peru and evaluates the impact of recent government policies designed to tackle the problem.
Amnesty International’s report highlights that pregnant women in Peru die because they face a number of barriers, including: lack of access to emergency obstetric care, unavailability of information on maternal health and lack of health staff who can speak Indigenous languages.

Slums issue: Amnesty International condemns forced eviction of Cambodian families Group 78 on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th of July.
The families dismantled their homes after three years of government harassment and intimidation, with no choice but to accept inadequate compensation rather than have their homes demolished.
Amnesty International is calling on the Cambodian Government to end forced evictions and introduce a moratorium on all mass evictions until the legal framework protects human rights.

New Report on the Social Corporate responsibility issue: Pollution has created human rights tragedy in the Niger Delta

The 1st of July, Amnesty International called the situation in the Niger Delta a “human rights tragedy,” saying that the people of that Nigerian region have seen their human rights abused by oil companies that their government cannot or will not hold to account.
The report examines oil spills, gas flaring, waste dumping and other environmental impacts of the oil industry. The majority of the evidence on pollution and environment damage gathered by Amnesty International, and contained in its new report, relates to the operations of Shell, the main oil company operating on land in the Niger Delta.

If you want more information or think about involved yourself, the next meeting for Demand Dignity Campaign will be held the 11th of August in the Amnesty International Action Centre.

For more information: nswdignity@amnesty.org.au

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