Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Group 78 forcibly evicted in Cambodia

The latest news on the plight of Group 78 families in Cambodia is not good. In the early hours of this morning the remaining families were forcibly evicted.

Around 60 families remaining in the area known as Group 78, in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, had no choice but to accept inadequate compensation and dismantle their own homes rather than have them destroyed by force.
The authorities threatened to forcibly evict them on Friday 17 July, and they received information that up to 700 security forces had been mobilised for the eviction. Most of the families left on the day before the deadline.
Seven remaining families stayed in their homes, with human rights workers and journalists monitoring the situation. Before dawn on 17 July, at least 70 security forces, some armed with guns and electronic batons, moved in and blocked off the area. Dozens of hired workers dressed in red shirts demolished what was left of the already dismantled houses.
Within hours, the resisting families had agreed to go. They were given until 3pm the same day to dismantle their houses and leave. The families have taken their belongings with them to find somewhere else to live.

This page has been created especially for you to keep you updated on what is happening and were the information sources are.

Please do not use any Group 78 materials produced prior to today - Fri 17 July.

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