Wednesday, May 6, 2009

NSW Region - staffing update

As of the 6th of May, until the end of the year, Ruby Johnson will be the Acting Community Campaigner in NSW - which is great news! Deb Taylor will be doing four days per week until the new part-time Volunteer and Resources Coordinator starts to help us keep things running smoothly.

On 7 May, a new Volunteer and Resources Coordinator, Holly Fingland, will start 2 days a week (Thurs, Fri) in a job share with Deb. Holly is a volunteer in the Refugee Caseworker team, has coordinated volunteers for an NGO in Africa and is currently completing a Masters in Human Rights. It is great that she is joining us and can start so quickly.

These changes mean that we need to recruit a new Community Campaign Assistant for this period - recruitment is currently underway.

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