Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Global Day of Action for Comfort Women

From the Surry Hills Festival

During World War II up to 200,000 women were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military, in one of the biggest cases of human trafficking. 64 years later, the Japanese government will has not adequately apologised, and former "comfort women" are still waiting for justice.

Governments around the world have called on the Government of Japan to apologise, accept full responsibility and adequately compensate former "comfort women" before it's too late. This includes the USA, Netherlands, Canada, the European Parliament, UK, Taiwan and South Korea, as well as three city councils within Japan (Takarazuka, Kiyose, Sapporo).

Now, it's time for Australian to do the same. Amnesty International Australia stands in solidarity with these women, and are calling upon the Australian Government, on their behalf, to pass a motion calling on the Japanese Government to apologise and compensate former "comfort women" by the end of 2009.

AIA National Director will meet with Ministers and backbenchers to gain their support for a motion, and find a champion to put the motion forward. Activists and supporters need to demonstrate to their MPs that the Australian community wants them to support this motion. Amnesty International has produces butterfly cards for members of the public to sign and demonstrate their support.

Between the Global Day of Action for Comfort Women (15 August) to the end of the year, we are aiming to have a motion put forward in the Senate. All the butterflies will be gathered and presented to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

For more information contact your convenors and Commuity Campaigner.

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