Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Speakers Network Review and meeting

Below is an email I sent to the volunteers in our NSW speakers network.

If you are interested in getting involved in the speakers network or you have ideas to share please feel free to join us for the meeting.

Dear Speaker,

I would like to thank you all for the effort you make to spread the AI message through taking on speaking engagements.

I think it's time to review the operation of the network to make sure that it aligns with the rest of the AI Australia organisation and that we are using the network to maximise the benefit from the time and effort you put into the network.

I have put all requests for speakers on hold until such time as this review has been completed and we are all totally confident that we are providing the best possible representation of Amnesty International.

As part of the review I would like to:

1. Review all materials for consistency and relevance of content and conformity in design and style
2. Implement a quarterly meeting for all speakers to improve communications within the group and to make sure all speakers are up to date on topics. Attendance at 2 of the meetings will be mandatory for speakers.
3. Better match requests to speakers capability ensuring that the speaker is comfortable to speak at the level of detail required.
4. Implement a more detailed review of requests to make sure we maximise the speaking opportunity. This may include declining some requests where we consider it to be outside the realms of AI.

I would like to schedule the first group meeting for 18:00 22nd April 2009 at the action centre. I am currently working on the agenda and will publish this as soon as possible. Should you have any items you would like to add to the agenda please let me know so we can discuss.

In the meantime I would ask that should you receive any requests that do not come through the speakers network you notify me of the request.

Jenny Leong

NSW Community Campaigner

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