Friday, October 15, 2010

Staffing arrangement for next 6 weeks!

As of Monday the 18th of October until 26th of November I, Ruby - NSW Community Campaigner, will be out of the office. During this time I will be in the Northern Territory in Arnhem Land working with an indigenous community on their traditional Homeland in a number of projects that connect to indigenous rights and empowerment.

Amnesty International has allowed me this excellent opportunity as part of their professional development project for staff. This will no doubt be a great opportunity for me to improve my understanding of working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and assist my campaigning as part of the Demand Dignity Campaign on indigenous rights, which focuses specially on Homelands.

During this time, Courtney Payne will be acting up as NSW Community Campaigner. Amanda Atlee, who currently job shares with Holly Fingland as Office and Volunteer Coordinator will be acting as the NSW Community Campaigns Assistant. This period will be for 6 weeks starting 18th October until 26th November. I will return to work Monday 29th of November.

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