Thursday, August 12, 2010

Training Day 24th of July 2010

On the 24th of July the Amnesty International NSW Community Campaigns Team organised, in cooperation with our fabulous NSW branch committee, a training day to allow current and future NSW activists the opportunity to attain a broader understanding of both our current campaigns, activism and how to improve their action group. With a warm welcome by Ruby Johnson, an outline of the day, and an introduction to the different workshops the day started well.

During a first workshop Ruby and Ingrid gave the participants an update on the Refugee, Burma and Iran campaign. Ruby explained how to campaign on refugee issues during the elections and how to have a meaningful conversation with people on these issues. Time was also dedicated to an overview of the different campaign materials our activists can use at their events. At the end of this session there was time for a Q&A which led to an interesting discussion.

After lunch, during which participants had time to get to know each other better and do some skill sharing, it was time for the four workshops planned for that day: Recruiting and retaining group members, facilitating meetings, activism and group activity and organising events. All workshops were found to be very useful, but due to lack of time not everyone could do all four of them. The positive comment we heard throughout the day was that the participants felt more empowered after meeting, talking to and sharing experiences with other groups. Also, the people who were thinking about joining an action group in the future got some first hand information from our long-term activists. A short debriefing and evaluation and a tour of all the campaigning resources marked the end of a very successful day!

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