Monday, July 12, 2010

Good news - Indonesian prisoner of conscience who we have been working for has been released

Yusak Pakage, 31, was released on Wednesday morning from the Doyo Baru prison in Sentani, Papua province. He had been serving a ten-year sentence for his role in a peaceful demonstration in December 2004 during which the Morning Star flag, symbolising Papuan independence, was raised.

Our section has been working for Yusak and his colleague, Filep Karma, for almost two years. Three action groups have been campaigning for them and we have included their case in lobbying as opportunities arose.

Their case is in the current Human Rights Defend Magazine. Letters have been steadily generated to Indonesian authorities and solidarity messages have been sent in to Amnesty International for the men.

While Yusak has been released, the other bit of good news is that Indonesian government has approved Filep to receive the urgent medical attention that he needs in Jakarta. An Urgent Action was released for Filep in April, when his medical condition rapidly deteriorated. This went though our Urgent Action network. This is good news for both men and their families and friends and Amnesty International supporters who have worked for their case.

We still need to keep the pressure on Indonesian authorities to fully release Filep, and that in the meantime they hurry up and actually get him to Jakarta so he can receive the specialist treatment which they have approved.

Media release on Yusak here

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