Monday, April 12, 2010

Refugee emergency response

Refugee Situtation

On Friday the 9th of April the Australian Government supspended the processing of refugee applications from ayslum seekers from Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. Amnesty International condemns this political decision as it blatantly overrides Australias international obligations outlined under the UN Refugee Convention. This recent issue has raised concerns about Australia's reputation as an international leader in the Asia Pacific Region as well as
the nations breach of its obligations under the Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This projects a negative view of Australia and its foreign policies placing the nation under the spotlight of international judgement.

Amnesty International Australia has currently released a petition which can be circulated over the next two weeks at all local community events as well as sending an email to all supporters, doing an array of media work and posting an online action. This recent human rights emergency is a high priority and we cannot lose any opportunties to publicly disclose this matter. So please advise us if you are planning anything or to get materials for your upcoming stall this weekend or in the next fornight.

Please ensure that you keep an eye out for public events/vigils which will be held within the next fortnight.

If you have any queries concerning the Refugee Emergency situtation and AIA efforts in combating this issue, please contact Ruby.

Phone: (02) 8396 7658

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