Friday, December 4, 2009

AIA Human Rights Education Kit & DVD

Hey Campaigners:

Last night in Melbourne we launched a new Human Rights Education Kit featuring a DVD, scenarios and case studies on human rights, teaching resources developed by student teachers, useful websites and resources about getting involved in Amnesty International and our work. The objective is to make the difference between offering materials on HR and really inspiring and equipping teachers to use these materials with maximum effect.

The DVD features interviews and footage of students and teachers in the classroom with the following themes:
* Social justice
* Global citizenship
* English
* Legal Studies
* Student Representative Council

It includes a series of interviews with students and with teachers and profiles young people taking action for HR. The kit has been developed for university teacher education programs. We are working on adapting it for broader use across the 2900 secondary schools in Australia.

Below are just a few stills from the DVD - this and copies of the kit will be available in all action centres early in the New Year. (We've run out of copies to go around!!)

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