Friday, March 27, 2009

SBS 'Dateline' this sunday night - story about a Pakistani case our section has taken up work for. What you can do.

Missing...can you help?

Amina Janjua has been tirelessly searching for her missing husband, Masood Janjua, for almost four years.Business man Masood Janjua, and his colleague Faisal Faraz, went missing while on a bus trip to Peshawar. They have not been heard from since. Since Pakistan joined the US led ‘war on terror’ in late 2001, hundreds of people have been arbitrarily detained and held in secret detention, without access to their families, lawyers or the courts, and outside all protection of the law. Most, if not all, are tortured or ill-treated.

Call for Masood Janjua's whereabouts to be revealed

Watch SBS's Dateline this Sunday, 29 March at 8:30 pm.
SBS will be broadcasting the story of Amina and Masood Janjua.
Comment on SBS's Dateline website about enforced disappearances in Pakistan

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"This is the worst thing to happen to anyone. If someone dies you cry and people console you and after some time you come to terms with it but if someone disappears… it is the bitterest of agonies..."
Amina Janjua, September 2006

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