Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hi All,

This is a new approach to the NSW Community Campaigner Update...let's try it for a while and see how it works for us.

Basically I will be posting to this blog regularly with information to support your work for Amnesty International defending human rights. 

Each post will be titled with a heading that is relevant to allow you to quickly access what information you need (and search it later if you need to check it again).

To ensure you are all keeping in touch with the blog I will send everyone on the NSW Community Campaigner Update list an email with a link to the blog each fortnight. Similarly, if you have a group list you can also include a link to the blog when you send your updates.

Finally, if you have no idea how to access the blog and don't understand what this is then please call me.

Thanks for your continued commitment to defending human rights and I hope you find the blog useful.


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